Zero Based Mindset

Innovation often involves the ability to rethink the assets and processes of your business in a new way compared to how you did in the past. Furthermore, it is necessary to modify the organisation, processes, products in a radical way and not introducing changes limited to what already exists.

The Zero Based Mindset is an approach to change that requires rethinking the key aspects of the business: organisation, processes, products, starting “from a blank sheet”, without taking into account the limitations of the existing situation.

Polaris can support you in managing Zero Based analysis and design sessions that are focused on the key aspects of innovation, such as the experiential process of the customer in the purchasing process or the change of the organisation focused on the enhancement of talents. On the one hand, Polaris will manage the dynamics of both the physical and virtual meetings in which the new scenarios will have to be built. On the other hand, it will bring the knowledge of sector benchmarks and technologies enabling innovative models, in order to stimulate proposals that go beyond traditional models and current business processes.