Supply Chain and Operations

Polaris has many years of experience, in various industries, on the key processes of Supply Chain and Operations, with particular regard to the opportunities for efficiency that are obtainable with digitalization.
The areas of analysis in the projects that Polaris conducts for the improvement of the Supply Chain cover from the strategic and organisational aspects to the more technological and IT ones, in order to be able to propose and implement those changes that are key to improving the company’s competitiveness.

The Polaris domain of the methodologies related to Artificial Intelligence allow in particular to implement, thanks to the analysis of the data and performances of the Supply Chain and Operations, predictive systems on the demand and therefore of planning the production and storage and transport of raw materials, semi-finished and the finished product.

These AI aspects are accompanied by a deep knowledge of industrial plants and their optimisation opportunities in terms of the physical layout of the machines and their interfacing with advanced production programming systems.