Disruption as a facultative value towards competitive growth

Business transformations and digital growth call for expertise in industry strategy, enterprise functions, business intelligence and design data management; data science and many other issues such as finance management and digital marketing management.

The opportunities offered by the global market and the new technologies that are now available open up new competitive scenarios even for small and medium-sized companies.

Discover growth opportunities with Polaris.

Industry Consulting

Polaris accompanies companies towards transformation within cross-industry ecosystems. In every sector, Polaris helps companies to face the challenges that are related to digital growth to improve processes, products, services and also to explore new investment opportunities.

Enterprise Function consulting

Polaris helps companies redesign business functions to generate new rapid and strong organisations that are capable of being and remaining innovative.

CFO & Enterprise Value

Helping digital growth for CFOs

The figure of the CFO will become vital in managing the investments that are necessary for the digital transformation of companies and also projecting the company towards the future and innovation.

Polaris helps CFOs

Thanks to the path Polaris takes you on and through the activities that are carried out in companies of all sectors and sizes, we facilitate CFOs to expand their impact and their financial capabilities throughout the company. The role of the CFO is evolving towards digital management and the digital reinvention of their business.

Redesigning the company’s values

Creation of functional insights combined with the ability to analyse and evaluate the areas of efficiency

Enhance business analysis

Create and make data available to customers and partners through both relevant and functional analysis in order to provide digital solutions aimed at supporting changes in the business.

Transform into digital finance

Design and develop the tools for digital finance in order to allow for greater productivity in management


Assess corporate risk and compliance

Going beyond corporate compliance to take advantage of regulatory information and analytical expertise to prepare for the future

Marketing, Sales & Service


Customer expectations are constantly changing. Carefully chosen experiences, seamless interaction and immediate satisfaction are what is required.

Information and Big Data will give you more control over when, where and how they interact with brands.

Enter into a disruptive era of hyper-relevance, where both products and services will evolve in real-time so as to adapt to customer needs and preferences.

To figure out what’s new, the business management has to rethink their marketing, sales and customer service strategies to improve both the customer and partner experience. In using the right mix of technologies, you can streamline your processes and operations and unlock new levels of connectivity, commitment and relevance.


The customers of today demand relevant products, services and experiences that fulfil their needs and desires at that moment. They want smooth service across multiple trusted platforms and channels. Marketing leaders maintain an “always-on” mindset so as to stay ahead of data privacy and relevance. Take, for example, the telecommunications sector, competition for consumer loyalty here is fierce. Leading telecom companies are investing in platform and analytics technologies that allow their employees to deliver knowledge-based experiences, personalised services and solutions that will drive long-term growth.


Digital growth has disrupted every single aspect of the business by transforming and enhancing non-core functions like marketing, sales and customer service.

Polaris helps the management of companies through:

Growth promotion

the transition to a rapid business that responds to the evolution of the business landscape and also the expectations of customers and employees

Transformation of strategies

maximising the value of new routes to the market by digital promotion and engagement, developing new advanced analysis.

Creating competitive dexterity

redesigning their customer economies through the integration of physical and digital sales channels and transforming the skills of the workforce through new operating models.

Why Polaris

Technological innovation

Invent your future through the Polaris Innovation Architecture and the Deep clever Platform to develop disruptive innovations.

Business Insight

Learn more about the latest trends and business insights on how to turn disruption into opportunity.

Functional competence

Transform your business by redesigning key functional areas through Polaris.

Supply Chain & Operations

How to use intelligence along the value chain

The ability to incorporate digital intelligence throughout the supply chain will allow companies to grow.

The management needs to invest in digital innovation, analytics and talent.
Polaris can help you plan the necessary actions, develop a rapid and super-connected supply chain mindset, that is capable of fuelling a unique set of corporate values.


To allow for innovation in the supply chain, it will be necessary to take on shared projects aimed at increasing the integration of functions in the decision-making process so as to allow customers access to new experiences



  • enhancing datasets to analyse customer trends and their preferences;
  • enhancing and promoting collaboration and cooperation between companies.
  • focusing attention on customers as a CEO, innovating with the CIO and achieving results in terms of ROI that would satisfy any CFO.
  • developing new technologies and adopting new platforms.
  • reinventing the industry in X.0 key to allow for innovation, reaction and growth.
  • balancing investments between human resources and automation.

Technology Strategy Advisor

Bring your company towards growth through an innovative strategy, new technologies and innovation consultants that are necessary for the promotion of your business.

How can Polaris help you

Technology will continue to evolve and expand. The innovation consultant will become a fundamental cornerstone for the development of your business.
Customising a strategy and applying the right technology to your processes is a complex activity, regardless of the sector.
Polaris’ technology consulting services will help guide your transformation with the latest in rapid oriented thinking and technology, energising your ecosystem at a pace that suits your business.


New IT

Artificial Intelligence



Smart platforms