Infrastructure Services

The path that companies undertake during their digital transformation requires a solid technological and IT infrastructure on which to develop. Polaris is able to evaluate the most suitable configuration. They do so by taking into account which technologies should be owned by the company, which can be used As a Service and which should be the appropriate levels of integration.

The main Infrastructure Services that are the subject of strategic and operational choices are those relating to:

data storage and management

technological infrastructure to manage IT applications, with particular regard to connectivity and Cybersecurity

technological infrastructure to manage any business applications or third-party applications that the company uses

For each of these areas, there are Cloud solutions and Polaris supports you in evaluating when it is appropriate to adopt them and what are the advantages. They also inform you of the limitations and risks of the different solutions and which ones are most suitable for the strategy and future evolutionary scenario.

In fact, on the one hand, the Infrastructure Services in Cloud such as Opex, allow you to reduce investments and manage costs, as well as allowing you to benefit from continuous maintenance and control by the supplier, reducing the need to have specific IT skills in your organization. On the other hand, they make the company very dependent on the Cloud service provider both for problem resolution times and data security and confidentiality.