Naresh Ran

Nàresh Ran, a Florentine musician and producer born in 1979, has always been interested in the experimentation and contamination of different artistic expressions. In 2013 he founded the Dio Drone label, a reference point for the most extreme sounds and local and international research, and since 2017 he has focused his path on the relationship with field recordings, sounds and noises of environmental spaces. From this particular research the collective audio/video project One_Minute_Soundtrack, the artistic residences at the Spazio Betti in Fermo and Equidistanze in Ravenna, three albums and multiple multimedia productions were born.

De_Sidera, un’intelligenza artificiale in grado di far suonare le stelle sulla nostra testa. Leggi l’articolo che descrive il mondo dietro l’incontro tra musica e tecnologia.

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