Identify opportunities and then scale

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Three types of companies can be distinguished with increasing levels of the skills that are necessary to successfully scale Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Proof of Concept

  • The analysis is purely oriented to concepts that are still uncertain and the project is not yet fully understood by the company management.
  • The operating model is hierarchical and confined to functional units and each unit is managed by the corporate IT function.
  • The ability to exploit data has not yet been developed.
  • Investments are not relevant, and the results are often disappointing.

Scaling through strategy

  • The management defines the strategy based on advanced analysis and the advice of specialised resources.
  • Definition of multidisciplinary teams supported by Chief AI, Data or Analytics Officer.
  • Specializìsed teams are able to eliminate background noise by focusing on essential data.
  • Development of solutions related to robotic process automation and predictive reporting.
  • Recovery of investments in digital tools, AI applications, data analysis.
  • Development of an experimental mentality.

Industrialize AI strategies for growth

  • An innovative approach to technological platforms and to corporate culture oriented to AI strategies that are linked to real-time information, necessary to guide corporate strategic decisions.
  • A clear corporate vision of the responsibilities, indicators and governance that is needed to break up hierarchies.
  • Analysis of the factors that could improve customer acquisition, service and satisfaction.
  • Management of a responsible business that increases Brand awareness.
  • Innovation and continuous creation of value and profits.

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