How to scale AI in your company?

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The application of artificial intelligence requires a clear vision of the possible risks. The crucial areas are as follows


How do we show the public that AI is safe? How do we avoid the preconceived notions, unconscious or not, that have been there since the beginning?


What happens when an AI makes a mistake or breaks the law? Who is legally responsible?


How can we prevent the unauthorised or malicious manipulation of an AI?


What happens when a machine takes control of a process? How does a human take back control if they need to?

Responsible AI

To be able to answer this, companies must adopt a responsible and ‘human first’ approach to AI-oriented thinking. It is possible to mitigate the risk associated with the use of AI by following four imperatives:



Create a command framework suitable for the development of artificial intelligence. Align it with the company’s core values, ethical barriers and accountability frameworks.



Build trust in AI right away, taking into account privacy, transparency and security from the early stages of design.



Check the performance of the AI ​​against a set of key parameters. Make sure that algorithmic accountability, prevention, and security parameters are included.



Standardise understanding of AI across the organisation to break down barriers in those impacted by technology.

The need to explain

Machine learning is often, by its very nature, an exercise that is hard to understand at first, in the sense that it operates in ways that can make it very difficult to explain how it achieved the results produced.