How to scale AI in companies

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Maximise the ROI on investments in AI strategies and technologies


  • A high percentage of managers of medium to large Italian companies believe that Artificial Intelligence is an R&D issue in which to invest in order to pursue growth objectives. They do however find it evidently difficult to actualise development projects.
  • About three out of four managers believe that by not scaling Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the next five years they will be risking their company’s business.
  • Globally, companies that are implementing Artificial Intelligence strategies are reporting a much higher return on their investments compared to those that limit themselves to experimentation.
  • A more in-depth analysis carried out by Polaris on its companies saw a positive correspondence between AI strategic Scaling and an increase in the main financial indicators.

Identify opportunities and then scale

IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITIES AND THEN SCALE Three types of companies can be distinguished with increasing levels of the skills that are necessary to successfully scale Artificial Intelligence (AI):Proof of Concept The analysis is purely oriented to concepts that are still...