How to create a digital strategy roadmap

by Sep 12, 2021Digital strategy roadmap

Polaris’ digital strategy model is designed to provide the necessary accuracy to the design phase. Each strategy roadmap is personalised and tailored to your situation and generates five essential outcomes that answer key questions:

Digital vision

how is digital changing your industry? What new offerings, business models can it enable? What new rivals can it strengthen?

Competitive advantage assessment

how digital affects competitive advantage? Where are we positioned? Where are our disadvantages?

Prioritised list of digital bets

which digital opportunities are consistent with your business strategy that is based on value potential and with your ambitions and capabilities? In what order should you pursue them?

Gap analysis

based on your stakes, which gaps in skills, organisation and systems need to be filled in order to win?

Transformation roadmap

What are the timelines, goals and responsibilities for each one of your programs? What moves are needed to fund your journey?

Combined, these results will create a system of mutually sustainable and also internally consistent choices that can incorporate digital strategy into business strategy and closely link them allowing for execution of such.

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