Digital acceleration index

The POLARIS Digital Acceleration Index compares your company’s digital maturity with the digital leaders and identifies the most promising opportunities. Our DAI evaluation also supports and encourages you on the path to strategy execution by identifying ways to recalibrate and renew.

The Digital Acceleration Index helps organisations to assess their digital maturity. It helps them to discover both their digital strengths and weaknesses, to determine if their digital capabilities are lacking or unbalanced, and assess their performance in relation to peers in their digital efforts.

By using POLARIS’ Digital Acceleration Index (DAI) it allows business management to identify any opportunities to accelerate the digital transformation journey.

The Polaris method can determine your company’s AS IS status by detecting its digital strengths and weaknesses.

Subsequently, by using appropriate comparisons with direct peers, the industry average or the best digital leaders in their category, management can determine an achievable level of ambition for their company, by developing an integrated roadmap to achieve the targeted digital state and start the digital transformation.

Digital passive:

in this phase of digital maturity, business functions and IT sometimes will collaborate on digital matters based on ad hoc requests. If they do not coordinate then these projects will not be carried out properly. The company has not yet determined a targeted state for digital technologies and organisations.

Digital Literate:

at this stage, the need for digital investments is recognised and then a roadmap is defined to fill any existing gaps.
Processes are starting to be digitalized. Business units, the functions perform digital initiatives, but they do so in functional silos as opposed to in conjunction.

Digital Performer:

business functions and IT together develop capabilities in all areas, manage digital in an integrated way, and successfully implement and market digital initiatives.
Some disruptive activities are then initiated.

Digital leader:

digital is integrated throughout the company, including in its innovation, value proposition, technology and operations. The organisation then outperforms its peers in terms of key digital metrics, and then digital is seen as the key driver of the company’s value. The digital strategy and a roadmap are defined. Digital initiatives contribute to the strategy and add clear value.