Personalisation and digital marketing

New digital channels have increased drastic changes in the behaviour and expectations of customers. Businesses must respond by digitally transforming their marketing functions so as to better anticipate consumer needs.

According to the Adobe Digital Trends report, marketing has changed more in the past two years than it has in the past 50. Digital has reshaped brand interactions during the buying cycle. Consumers are increasingly more open to sharing information and in return expect personalised experiences and online competitors are on the verge of acquiring customer relationships.

Personalisation requires a digital transformation

As digital budgets continue to skyrocket, marketing experts find it hard to accurately tie the spending to the profits. Those that do so are often disappointed with their digital ROI. There are several challenges that they face: agencies and publishers, compensated mainly in terms of volume, do not have a direct incentive to eliminate unnecessary spending. The budgets tend to move away from the “top of funnel” tactics which have a high ROI but are difficult to measure and becoming datacentric requires a revision of the legacy processes and the adoption of a new technology ecosystem.

POLARIS’ approach to personalisation and digital marketing

POLARIS’ personalisation and digital marketing offerings have a unique role in transforming the capabilities of advertisers across industries and all around the world. We see that a scientific approach, with thorough testing and close coordination between both advertiser and agency, is essential in improving performance. We bring with us experience that goes from strategy, marketing operations, marketing technology stock and digital optimization all in order to address our clients’ challenges with logical and implementable solutions. Our unrivalled personalisation programme creates a cycle of self-reinforcing 1:1 customer experiences and also in-depth brand engagement which delivers value for both the customers and the business. We do this by reshaping the way in which businesses operate to allow for an unprecedented inter-organisational collaboration.