Next generation sales

The power of data and of digital is creating new connections between the marketing and sales functions. Next-generation sales techniques, that are made up of data-driven sales processes and lead generation along with the customer journey, have proven to be three times more effective than the traditional sales methods

The need for sales of the next generation

Macro changes in buying behavior are the driving force of a next-generation sales approach. These are forcing companies to respond and capitalise on these changes in their customer-go-to-market strategy.

Companies today face many challenges:


  • improving performance with their main customers;
  • adaptating to new behaviours and expectations in purchasing;
  • promoting productivity of the sales force and reducing sales costs;
  • performance integration in multi-channel environments.

To succeed, they need to adopt a next-generation sales approach: moving from an outdated sales function to an omnichannel champion.

The POLARIS ‘Next Generation Sales Program allows customers to address sales strategy and effectiveness, they do so by adopting new trends in data-driven selling, digitalisation and sales models, while balancing at the same time go-to-market innovations along with the traditional levers of the sales force.