Digital supply chain

The digitisation of the supply chain can transform a company’s ability to anticipate and satisfy its customer needs.

Manage the supply chain for speed, reliability and efficiency and use the supply chain excellence as a source of competitive advantage.

The digitisation of the supply chain can transform a company’s ability to anticipate and satisfy its customer needs.

Companies have been using digital supply chain technologies such as planning systems for years so as to improve their service and reduce costs. But now, thanks to the range, power and accessibility of digital technologies, including advanced analytics and cloud-based solutions, companies are generating notably better returns on investments. Digital supply chain leaders have 40% higher operating margins and at least 20% less working capital.
Realising value in digital supply chains requires the focus of digital technologies on business imperatives and their integration into business processes. Some of the most valuable use cases include:

Understand and predict customer needs more accurately in supply and inventory
Advance the network by creating a digital twin of the supply chain that imporves production, distribution and logistic footprint;
Offer end-to-end visibility to the material flows, enabling performance management, operational interventions, predictive and self-regulating supply chains.

To support our customers’ digital supply chain goals, POLARIS used machine learning predictive analytics, optimisation algorithms, machine vision, IoT sensors, blockchain and other innovative technologies to deliver real-time end-to-end visibility into the supply chain.

Enable both control tower and advanced scheduling applications so as to optimise operations performance.

Our projects expand on four dimensions:

Define the vision of the digital supply chain, identify and prioritise the most valuable of the use cases, and develop a roadmap for the transformation.

Design and build capabilities for all stages of the supply chain by leveraging end-to-end visibility and advanced analytics.

Optimise your physical supply chain network, end-to-end inventory, the supply chain plan and operations.

Enable the customers in their digital journey by transforming their organisation; talent and skillset; business processes; and IT, data and analytics infrastructure.

Our digital supply chain programme helps clients accomplish this transformation, in a three-step self-financing approach:

The first step:

Envision. Design and focus on use cases.

The second step: activate.

Build and deploy use cases, paying particular attention to maximum value and feasibility to finance travel and priorities to drive change in the organisation.

Step Three: enable.

Adjust use cases across the network while you build new functionality in the client organization, using suitable-for-purpose approaches such as Build-Operate-Transfer.