Augmented Reality

by Sep 8, 2021Industry 4.0

Augmented reality to support production processes

We are dealing with augmented reality to support production processes.

With Augmented Reality (AR) we define a layer (layer) of information that is then added to the real image by a digital device.

Many companies develop AR applications so that employees can have information on objects and plants in real-time.

The most used applications are those related to maintenance.

Using a Tablet or Smartphone, a machine or machinery that requires maintenance can be framed, the problem can be identified and, if necessary, the appropriate maintenance procedure can then be carried out.

Tablets and smartphones are the most popular devices currently used for industrial augmented reality applications . They allow one to know the operating parameters of a system in real time.

The digital devices support the workforce automation by helping the technicians in their work. They act as a virtual help desk and assist the operator in the case of any unusual irregularities. They explain to new staff the correct procedures.

Head Mounted devices are also emerging, these allow one to operate leaving their hands free and moving the visual part directly by using only the head.

For example specific viewers or glasses that are for augmented reality (for example; google glasses). These allow the operator to view a whole range of information all while keeping their hands free to operate.

Augmented reality plays an important role in the Industry 4.0 revolution and brings with it a number of advantages: lower costs, less risks, faster processes, better quality and greater efficency.

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