Application of Artificial Intelligence for digital transformation

by Sep 13, 2021Artificial Intelligence

The integration between man and artificial intelligence and automation techniques will lead to the construction of modern, intelligent, organized and sustainable businesses. The Polaris model contained in the released technological solutions enables and manages intelligent automation in companies quickly and scalable. The Polaris model is based on a suite of resources based on artificial intelligence to improve company processes by maximizing the efficiency and value of IT investments.

new operation:

  • applications and infrastructures (AIOps: Artificial Intelligence in IT Operations): the Polaris model tends to align predictive functions with the automation of operations (AI-IT)
  • technological platforms

analytics & AI

  • knowledge of management
  • DIY AI: Do it yourself Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Resources

automation of management processes

Polaris model for the automation of processes to structure a path of intelligent automation and engineering maturation. The model provides for the design of an actionable, manageable path of innovation with a positive and measurable ROI.


  • automation of tasks and routines
  • automation of the market
  • diagnostics and benchmarks

Modern engineering:

The Polaris model drives software engineering through AI automation in the solution development lifecycle.

  • Systems and infrastructure engineering
  • technological platforms
  • Dev X Ops: development IT Operation. The Polaris model tends to acquire infrastructures and structures to which AI technologies can be infused on request to optimize and automate the development operations of technologies between platforms.

Cloud automation

  • migration of solutions to the Cloud
  • cloud systems and infrastructure engineering
  • cloud applications and infrastructures
  • development of IT operations in the cloud

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